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Steve Adamyk Band // Ottawa, Canada

20:30, 16.07.2018kunstkeller o27

============================== Steve Adamyk Band (Ottawa) ============================== Nach ein bisschen mehr als 3 Jahren ist es wieder soweit: The STEVE ADAMYK BAND beehren uns im kunstkeller! Wer noch nicht das Vergnügen hatte: They are a bunch of obnoxious, rowdy, “kids” from Ottawa, Ontario. While the name would automatically draw comparison to a blues, jazz or rock band given the layout, make no mistake; the STEVE ADAMYK BAND are a PUNK band. They play trash-pop inspired by seventies punk, the skinny tie bands of the eighties and nineties garage rock. From the ashes of MILLION DOLLAR MARXISTS (Gearhead Records) and SEDATIVES (Deranged Records), the group was born out of necessity – a whack load of orphan songs with no band to call home. Frustrated playing in bands the would eventually call it quits, Adamyk formed a band that could have an endless timeline, even if the name is outside of the standard band name zone. ====================================== Achtung: p ü n k t l i c h e r Beginn um 21 Uhr! ====================================== ------------------------------- Veranstaltungsort kunstkeller o27 Ottostr. 27 (Eingang im Hinterhof) 90762 Fürth