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SWEEP [w/ Renard x Birke TM x Marko M]

23:00, 29.03.2019Kantine

SWEEP is rooted in house music and everything that comes with it. Since our first night in the club scene, we are deeply in love. House music was never just music to us. It always was home, it was family, it was about the community, the love and care for each other. The dancers, the DJs, the producers and the lovers of house music. They are all equal. House is a gathering of like-minded people that connect through music and cherish an open-mindedness that welcomes everyone. Your gender, your beliefs, your religion, your status or sexuality. Nothing of those categories matter. Simply be you. Be beautiful, nice and respectful to each other. That's the essence. House music is our home and in our home, we treat everyone with respect and good music. So make yourself comfortable and have a dance with us! RENARD [SOULTUNES → MAGDEBURG] BIRKE TM [SWEEP / NEIGHBOUR RECORDINGS / BASE PILOT] MARKO M [SWEEP / OHRENSCHMAUS PODCAST] Just another night that will take you through a universal of gentle 4/4 beats with the feeling of old school underground sound. Visuals by KREAM TEAM DOORS 11PM