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Trouble in Paradise goes Broke in Paradise

23:00, 14.12.2018Kantine

Trouble in Paradise goes Broke in Paradise -throw your money at us- feminist hybrid club sounds/bass/ grime party Kantine (ggü. K4) / <3 Musikverein im Exil <3 23h Eintritt 6-9 € (zahl was du kannst) broke adj [ after verb ] UK: /brəʊk/ FINANCE, ACCOUNTING // The state of having no, or very little money. example // be broke: "Hey TIP, you’re going to book another great DJ for the club night next month?" "Nah man, we’re broke“ We are broke, so we're coming home to mummy! First time at Musikvereins new home ‚Kantine‘. Summer was full of great nights and the enormous open air ‚Burnout in Paradise‘ - now we broke. (づ☉人☉)づ But we are happy, that our homebase Musikverein is still there, to support us. So we’re doing a great all stars club night, to pamper our empty bank account and soon be back with the best bookings and acts around.