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Somewhere Underwater/ Nürnberg- Desi

20:00, 14.02.2019Desi Nürnberg

Die Desi Programmgruppe präsentiert: 14.02.19 Somewhere Underwater (Nürnberg/Bamberg) + Amanda Deff (der Auftritt wurde leider abgesagt) Somewhere Underwater A boy from France with a love for the ocean, floating sounds and whispering voices: “Somewhere Underwater“ is the musical project of Julien, Flo, Jan & Picco. It started in 2014, when Julien left his hometown with a one-way ticket to Germany – trying to escape the dusty and busy streets of the urban life with synthie, Slowdive-like harmonies, wave-pop and melodies from the 80s. With Flo, Picco and Jan, the former solo project has become a band in which the band members share their love for the early Factory / Sarah Records artists, 90’s noise pop and the 80’s heartbreaking hits: “Somewhere Underwater” is full of complex compositions that mix the best of the last two decades and gently bring back a new sound to the surface.