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KNRD Fest 2018

16:00, 20.07.2018KNRD Fest

KNRD Fest | 20. + 21. JULY 2018 91220 Hormersdorf (GER) _________________________________________ The gathering of the Punk Rock family in the middle of the Franconian nowhere is going to the next round. In its seventh year KNRD will invite some of the best bands around into the lovely woods near Nuremberg. LINEUP _________________________________________ A Wilhelm Scream Petrol Girls Thee Infidels After the Fall Head Honcho The Movement Forever Unclean ASTPAI The Affect Heuristic Fair Do's Money Left To Burn Dankeschatz The Human Project More bands tba soon. RESERVATION TICKETS _________________________________________ The entrance to KNRD Fest is free of charge, but its capacity is limited. That´s why you´re advised to make a reservation through our online shop to ensure to get in, while allowing KNRD to plan with some level of accuracy. At the entrance you´ll exchange the reservation for vouchers and a festival wristband. This year you may enter KNRD Fest 2018 through four different kinds of portals. With each portal you receive a different amount of vouchers at the entrance to the Fest. That way you may decide for yourself, how much KNRD Fest is worth to you. KNRD believes in the support of the scene and strongly relies on your generous donations to keep the Fest alive. Don´t feel put under pressure, but take a moment and choose wisely, through which portal you would like to enter KNRD Fest 2018. ☀️🌲🎶🍻 NON-PROFIT _________________________________________ KNRD Fest e.V. is a non-profit organization, that currently counts 50 members and has the goal to support the punk rock music scene, as well as to bring people from different parts of the world together. CAMPING _________________________________________ A local farmer provides a big meadow with plenty of space for you to pitch up your tent or sleep in your camper. FOOD & DRINKS _________________________________________ There will be a selection of delicious food booths. Saturday and Sunday morning the "Nature Friends" will offer a nutritious breakfast to get you back on your feet. Cold Franconian beer and selfmade cocktails will get you in the mood. See you in the woods! ♥ KNRD Visit for more info. _________________________________________ Keep up to date by following KNRD Fest on Facebook and Instagram (@knrd_fest) _________________________________________ #knrdfest #knrdfest18 #pnkrckr #pnkrckrcollective