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Barackca TOUR 2018 Nürnberg-Wärters SchlEchte-Zahnlos in Seattle

20:00, 28.04.2018Kunstverein

BARACKCA: Hi everyone, we are the Barackca punk hardcore band! We formed in 1993 in Budapest and we play society and system critical songs all over the world since then. With our current formation, which have not changed for more than 13 years, we made 7 albums and we have played countless tours and festivals. Now, we are going on tour again, to spread our opinions and to meet likeminded people. On this tour we will present the songs of our new album: Recycled Humanity. We would like meet our old friends and to make new ones on the road. See you at the concerts. Wärters SchlEchte punk since 1991 aus Stuttgart Zahnlos in Seattle punk aus Regensburg Recycled Humanity Tour 2018 30.03. Budapest - Dürerpince + Ferdinand Roscoe+Tetrafobia 31.03. Eger - Zöld Pecsét + Ferdinand Roscoe+Tisztán a cél felé 01.04. Várpalota - Alagsor + Ferdinand Roscoe+Brigantik+Sidol 26.04. Wien - Venster99 + Verklärungsnot+Bourgeios Propaganda 27.04. Aschaffenburg - Stern .e.V. + Wärter's Schlechte+Dønner 28.04. Nürnberg - Kunstverein + Wärter's Schlechte+Zahnlos in Seattle 29.04. Tübingen LU 15 30.04. Leipzig - L.E. CNNWTZ + Døzix 01.05. Dresden - Chemiefabrik + Døzix 02.05. Jena - Kassablanca 03.05. Hamburg - Menschenzoo + Wadeye 04.05. Berlin - Supamolly 05.05. Brno - Bajkazyl + Moral Hangover+Bombatölcsér