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Steph Cameron + Twin Bandit // kunstkeller o27

20:30, 31.01.2019kunstkeller o27

TWIN BANDIT and STEPH CAMERON join forces on „The Winterwood Tour“ which is set to take place in January and February 2019. ============================== Steph Cameron (Saskatoon, Canada) ============================== The Saskatoon-based roots singer / songwriter STEPH CAMERON arrived on the scene like a bracing gust of fresh musical air with her 2014 debut record „Sad-Eyed Lonesome Lady“ receiving unanimously enthusiastic reviews. Superlatives again to describe „Daybreak Over Jackson Street“ - Steph's new album - navigating subtle changes in stylistic terrain. If the debut felt as if it emerged fully-formed from the bohemian streets of Greenwich Village circa 1963, then the extra maturity of Daybreak gives it more of an early ‘70s Laurel or Topanga Canyon atmosphere. ============================== Twin Bandit (East Vancouver, BC) ============================== Life and art both move in cycles. While TWIN BANDIT were working on their second full-length album, the aptly titled „Full Circle“ (Nettwerk), TWIN BANDIT grew personally and creatively amidst life’s unpredictable ebb and flow. Throughout that experience, the Vancouver-based duo — Hannah Walker and Jamie Elliot — progressed as songwriters and musicians, delicately expanding their sonic palette of folk, alternative, and country and opened up lyrically like never before. ------------------------------- Veranstaltungsort kunstkeller o27 Ottostr. 27 (Eingang im Hinterhof) 90762 Fürth